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We are offering Online Tutoring. Our qualified tutors  have been very successful at engaging students in all of our various programs through FaceTime or Zoom. Students are keeping up and/or getting ahead during this unprecedented time. We would love to help! Call for further information.

—Rachel Renna, Director, Learning Plus Tutoring

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Our program for ESL, EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and English Language Learners is multi-layered,
with an approach that includes speaking, reading
and writing English at all levels.

Becoming proficient in English

Beginning readers can learn to read and write English from the onset  like native English speakers.  We have a proven phonics program that teaches students the sounds of letters and how to put them together to form words. Also, the students are able to read skill-appropriate books on their own.  Along with this, we teach the structure of the English language and vocabulary.

Intermediate English learners are taught the grammar and usage of the language (for both speech and writing), expanded vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension.

Our comprehension program covers: main idea,  facts, sequence, inference and critical thinking.  The writing program includes how to write a sophisticated complete and descriptive sentence.  Then we focus on writing paragraphs with proper sequence and detailed descriptions.  If needed for school, we show them how to write a proper essay.

Advanced English learners focus mainly on what their specific needs are to become an accomplished English reader, speaker, and writer using the appropriate tools for advancement.

All of the tutoring is done One-on-One with a qualified professional.


Tutoring Programs

•  English as a Second Language

•  Math

•  Science

•  Writing

•  Reading

•  High School Placement Testing

•  Academic Summer Camp

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1952 Camden Avenue, Suite 206

San Jose, California 95124

Call (408) 377-4114

or (408) 540-7967