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We are offering Online Tutoring. Our qualified tutors  have been very successful at engaging students in all of our various programs through FaceTime or Zoom. Students are keeping up and/or getting ahead during this unprecedented time. We would love to help! Call for further information.

—Rachel Renna, Director, Learning Plus Tutoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs tutoring?

There are many signs that a student needs help, and it’s best to to aware of them so you are not surprised by low grades or bad reports from teachers.

1) If you notice your child does not want to do their homework, then he/she probably cannot do it on their own and needs help.

2) A student says they do not like a particular subject.

3) A low grade in a subject which should be addressed immediately rather than “wait to see if it improves.

4) A student not wanting to go to school.

What will the evaluation tell me?

Our evaluation will tell you what level your child is performing at and the academic areas that need attention.

How long will it take to improve the subject?

There is no set amount of time as all students are unique and the amount of time will vary, but most parents see changes within the first month. The average improvement takes 15-30 hours of tutoring per grade level.

What is the parent's role in tutoring?

It depends on the grade the student is in. In elementary grades the parents are an integral part of the learning process at Learning Plus. We normally give students currciculum to work on at home to drill the concepts that were covered in the tutoring lesson. If a student is in school and they have a lot of homework we do not give them more homework, since they are having problems with the homework load they already have. We feel we have a great relationship with the parents of our students. After every tutoring session we tell the parents what was covered and how the student did in the lesson. For high school students the parents are normally not that involved, because the students are quite independent at this level.

How will I know if my child is improving or not?

Our results are obvious and usually quite fast. You should see a change in their academic ability and attitude within the first month. You should see more smiles, less tears and frustration, improvement in grades and increased confidence in their abilities.

Can you use my child's school homework in the tutoring session?

It depends on what we are trying to improve. Yes, when it is appropriate and the tutor feels it would benefit the student and we are giving homework support. No, when the tutor feels that the student would benefit from the specialized material provided by Learning Plus that will increase a student’s particular skill in an area.

Can my child benefit from tutoring even if he/she is doing well at school?

Yes, we have incredible enrichment programs designed for students who are doing well in school, but parents want their children to receive tutoring to strengthen their existing skills, advance in their studies, and perform at the top of their class.

Why does Learning Plus only do One-on-One tutoring and not group tutoring?

We have tried the group tutoring and honestly the One-on-One gives the best results. In group tutoring the students have to vie for the tutor’s attention. In One-on-One they have the tutor's undivided attention, and the entire lesson they are working on the exact thing that student needs.

Should I tell my child's teacher that they are being tutored?

That is the personal choice of the parents. Usually teachers are happy to hear their students are getting extra support, and it emphasizes to the teacher that you are providing extra help for your child.

Should I feel embarrassed about my child's need for tutoring?

No. It doesn't mean that your child is lacking in intelligence or ambition. It simply means they need help in some areas they haven’t mastered yet.  Many parents are shy about their child's tutoring at first, but become great advocates of tutoring after they see how confident their child becomes as a result of it.

What hours are you open for tutoring?

We provide our services Monday through Friday from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm, and on Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Where is your office located?

We are very easy to access from both Hwy 17 (880) and Hwy 85.  We are at the corner of Camden Avenue and Bercaw Lane in San Jose, California. If you are not familiar with the area, take a look at the Google map below or call us at (408) 377-4114 for detailed directions.

What if I have more questions?

Please call Sue Walker today and she can answer all your tutoring questions: (408) 377-4114. Sue invites all parents and students to visit Learning Plus and its staff of professional tutors. She will show you the Learning Plus programs and can perform a thorough evaluation to determine your child's needs.

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1952 Camden Avenue, Suite 206

San Jose, California 95124

Call (408) 377-4114

or (408) 540-7967