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We are offering Online Tutoring. Our qualified tutors  have been very successful at engaging students in all of our various programs through FaceTime or Zoom. Students are keeping up and/or getting ahead during this unprecedented time. We would love to help! Call for further information.

—Rachel Renna, Director, Learning Plus Tutoring

Reading Tutoring Programs

“Phonics” is an essential ingredient for a successful reader.

"Why Johnny Can't Read" - we use Phonics to help children to read and learn at an accelerated pace. Our tutoring programs really work!Rudolph Flesch published a book in 1955 entitled "Why Johnny Can't Read". He pointed out that children's reading ability and reading scores had declined after phonics (which means teaching through sounds) had been replaced in the curriculum by a "new and innovative" method called "sight reading". Almost 60 years later the battle and controversy over phonics continues, but not at Learning Plus Tutoring. Phonics works!


Stellar Results with Learning Plus Phonics Program

The Learning Plus teaching philosophy is results-oriented — that's why we've been in business since 1982. We use reading programs that give our students stellar results. Phonics, when taught correctly, has proven to be exceptional in helping students excel in reading. My aunt who was born in 1913 told me everyone was taught to read with phonics and said there was not one child in her school that could not read. It just never happened.

We have excellent programs to teach phonics. They are designed to give the student the basics of the language, which sets them up for success all the way. Each program has its own materials and Learning Plus has written its own phonics readers to accompany each program.


Comprehension is Necessary for Success

In addition to phonics, we are very conscious that in order to master reading successfully students need to understand what they are reading. In order to know this they have to know the meanings of words and how to use them. They also need the ability to conceptualize and comprehend what they read. With all of these ingredients put together a student will be able to fluently read, comprehend, and understand their materials. We have great programs that address a student's ability to visualize what they read, so they will comprehend it.

Our programs are proven and delivered in a professional, yet fun, manner. Check out our success stories to hear what others have to say about it. If you are looking for this kind of success for your child call us today for a thorough evaluation.


Special Kindergarten Phonics Reading Program

Phonics is introduced to young readers in the correct order, so they put sounds together and make words after a short time.  We have written special readers, so that students have the ability to read books that have familiar words in them which they have sounded out.  This method gives students success quickly and confidence.


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1952 Camden Avenue, Suite 206

San Jose, California 95124

Call (408) 377-4114

or (408) 540-7967