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Breakthrough wins and successes with our tutoring

These are not just small gains. Our students regularly make HUGE breakthroughs in their ability, willingness and enthusiasm towards learning. Nothing pleases us more than to see a child gain the knowledge and self-confidence that comes when they learn HOW to study and apply the information they learn. Hostility and rejection quickly fall away and are replaced by understanding, capability and a thirst for knowledge.

We made the right choice...

Our daughter was in the second grade and was struggling in reading. Her self-esteem had dropped and I could see she was losing interest in school. We brought her to Learning Plus because we were afraid it would get worse. In just a few lessons we knew we had made the right choice. Now she is ready for third grade and can't wait!

A.B. San Jose

Excited about math...

I am so glad we found Learning Plus for Kimmy. Before, she hated to do math and her teacher felt she had a block in that area. Since coming to Learning Plus, she's broken those blocks and Kimmy is actually excited about math! Even her teacher says her math is better lately. There's no more fighting and refusal when we say it's time to do flashcards or her homework. She looks forward to learning her facts and going to class. Thank you Learning Plus!

She hated doing homework. Now she is excited about her studies and homework, and she looks forward to learning new facts n class.

An absolutely incredible year of learning...

It has been an absolutely incredible year of learning for our two children at Learning Plus. Thank you so much for your genuine love and support of our children in your fantastic phonics program! Both of our children are in kindergarten at a private school and the curriculum is challenging and fast-moving. Your phonics and reading program is exactly what we needed to keep them at the top of their class. They are winning at school in their studies, as well as at home with their homework. Our children are truly excited about your reading program and anxiously await their next tutoring class every week at Learning Plus. Once again, thank you for giving our children the wonderful opportunity and gift of being incredible readers through your program at Learning Plus.

—R.N., Los Gatos

Successfully mastering math...

I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with the success my daughter has had from just a few months of math tutoring. As you know, my daughter came to you in last summer (before second grade), and was unable to add 12 + 9. After eight tutoring classes she was able to add and subtract three and four digit numbers with 100% accuracy. Today, four months later, she is successfully mastering division and multiplication. I would like to thank you and your staff for helping her with her success and raising her self-esteem. It is a pleasure to see her enjoy her own success.


Tutoring success in mathematics

Tutoring from Learning Plus helps student to learn how to read and sound out new words.

I'm amazed...

I'm amazed what Learning Plus has done for my son Jason. When he first came to Learning Plus, he didn't know how to read or even know how to sound out words. After four months, he is reading books, sounding out new words, and even writing out sentences. I'm very pleased what Learning Plus has done for my son.

—Doreen Cordoba

Best reader in her class...

I brought my daughter to Learning Plus to learn how to read and just recently to improve her comprehension. Her third grade teacher tells me she is now the best reader in the class! Because of her fluent and expressive reading, she serves as a role model for her class and the teacher calls on her frequently to read to the class. Her report card shows that she has already mastered all the third grade reading skills.


I learned great study skills...

At Learning Plus I learned great study skills but what I really liked was that we used my own textbooks and assignments to help me learn those study skills. That way I could keep up with my classes and improve at the same time. I recommend this service to my friends all the time.

—L.B., Los Gatos

I got the help I needed...

I came to Learning Plus for help in Algebra. I really didn't like math and thought there was no way I could ever understand it. Luckily I was wrong. I got the help I needed and I ended up with a 'B' in the class! I also got better at studying in general so my other school work improved too. Thank You!

—S.V., Saratoga

Tutoring help in math gets student a "B" for the first time.

Up three grade levels...

When Sarah first came to Learning Plus, she was in second grade, and absolutely could not read. After 69 hours of tutoring she has gone up three grade levels. You can't imagine how positively it has affected her self-esteem and confidence. She actually will seek out a book and read it on her own, without any prompting from me. Learning Plus has provided my daughter with a tool she will carry all her life. We can't thank you enough

—Tamara Collins

Bay Area Parent Magazine has been awarding us
for our tutoring programs since 2007

They don't give out these awards lightly or frivolously. The fact that we've won these awards 7 times since 2007 means we're doing an exceptional job with our students. We love helping kids to win in school, which means a better opportunity to win in life. Give us a call or fill in the Contact form and we'll contact you. Giving your child the ability to learn enthusiastically will be the best gift you can ever give.

Bay Area Parent Magazine has awarded us 7 times for our tutoring programs since 2007,
Bay Area Parent Magazine Family Favorite award for 2015

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1952 Camden Avenue, Suite 206

San Jose, California 95124

Call (408) 377-4114

or (408) 540-7967