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We are offering Online Tutoring. Our qualified tutors  have been very successful at engaging students in all of our various programs through FaceTime or Zoom. Students are keeping up and/or getting ahead during this unprecedented time. We would love to help! Call for further information.

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Writing Tutoring Programs

The ability to write clearly and understandably is an essential ability for your child’s future.

Beginning Writing

Is your child able to write complete sentences? Is it difficult for your child to do schoolwork that requires writing? Learning Plus has a unique and effective beginning writing program that can help your child become confident and competent at writing.

The program covers the following:

• How to write a good, clear sentence.

• How to put together an interesting paragraph.

• How to read a book or story and write a concise, yet interesting report about it.


Intermediate Writing

Is your child struggling with writing assignments? Can they write simple things but get bogged down if they are required to write more creative, complex essays and reports? Learning Plus has a very effective intermediate writing program that has helped many students learn how to craft quality essays and reports that are creative and have strong, varied vocabulary, sentence structure and style.

Our program teaches your child many ways to open a sentence, how to master correct sequence, build strong vocabulary and many other skills. They will gain the tools they need to create excellent essays, reports and any other writing projects they need in school and in life.


Advanced Writing

At this level we really refine writing skills and give students all of the necessary tools to write narratives, book reports, subject reports or poetry. We use techniques that give their writing sequence, style and creativeness.


Tutoring Programs

•  English as a Second Language

•  Math

•  Science

•  Writing

•  Reading

•  High School Placement Testing

•  Academic Summer Camp

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1952 Camden Avenue, Suite 206

San Jose, California 95124

Call (408) 377-4114

or (408) 540-7967